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A&R motor sports has been making them for a little over 3 years now for the 9. I think there kits are on over 300 9's. I still get group buy pricing on them. I am also getting ready to install and test out a new kit from them. Check out the Bang for the Buck mods link in my signature.

2. Custom HID light kit $70 - $110 shipped within the continental US.

A ton of info in this thread, but with higher pricing.

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My A&R HID light blew up this week. :-( I called them
and they said they've never heard of that happening,
sans moisture getting on the bulb. It has worked fine
over the last several months, I dunno how it exploded.

I was riding down the street and it just blew up. It had
an electrical fire kind of smell, and the headlight bucket
was filled with a clear fog.

Anyway, A&R said they'd send me a new bulb if I just
mail them my invoice for warranty purposes.
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