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Folks, this post is dedicated to a friend of mine who occasionally visits this sight. He's not a 109 owner/member but is a biker with a beautiful "99 Valk" which in my opinion, he stole from the original owner. The bike, like every other he has ever owned, is absolutely flawless, and it had only 1900 miles on it when he bought it a few weeks ago.
I'm sure that most of you know a guy in your area that is a master wrencher ( the dude that can modify any bike, car, snowmobile, boat or truck and make it a masterpiece ). Along with those skills this individual is simply a master of modification, boring, honing, polishing sculpting, tweeking and painting everything on wheels or that rides on water, he owns.
I can best describe Skip as the character of "Millner" in "American Graffiti"....white tee shirt with the cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve, jeans and his hair combed back. Guess you could say Skip was "KOOL" before "KOOL was KOOL" and it would be safe to say he will always be "KOOL". Sooooo Skip. I hope I took you by surprise with this one Muther :D :D :D :D :D

Skip's current ride! This Valk is spotless and a keen eye will spot the subtle changes/mods which enhance the bike.

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