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Down in south GA visiting my dad, for Thanksgiving, for the first time since he left home in 1993. Long story, but it was a good drive down. God willing it will be a great ride back. My sons have only seen him a handful of times.

Anyway I just wanted to remind us all to be thankful of what we have, its easy to get caught up wanting more than what you have. But nothing is promised and it can all be gone in the wink of an eye.

And to be thankful for ALL those who were here before us did, so that we can live the way we do now. Those who have served our country, and those who continue to serve and defend this country we call home.

But in this moment most of us have the family and life we wanted, with all its struggles. And fortunate to be riding one of the hottest bikes on the planet.
Be safe during the Holidays,
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