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I've had my 109 for two weeks and have just over 400 miles already.  I've been having a blast on this bike. The week after I got it, my mother-in-law bought her husband a 91 Electra Glide.  We haven't had a chance to get out and ride together, but I'm looking forward to it.  While she was out looking at accessories she picked up guardian bells for the both of us.   :bigthumbsup:  I've been trying to figure out the best place to hang it.  Right now I have it zip tied around the bottom of the frame.  I was thinking about moving it to the radiator cover up front.  Anyway, I was just wondering how many people have them and where they ar hanging them.

Have'nt mounted mine on the bike yet. Right now it hangs above our phone. It seems to like it there and is working fine. I no longer get all those numb nutted spam calls from vendors.

muahman said:
Guarding Bell?

Care to explain to a sportbiker what those are?

Legend of the Bell

Have you noticed that small bell on some people's bikes and wondered why it was there?
It's more than just decoration, it has a specific function. As we all know, life has many mysteries that have no apparent solutions. One of these is Evil Road Spirits. They are the little gremlins that live on your bike. They love to ride. They're also responsible for most of your bike's problems. Sometimes your turn signals refuse to work, or the battery goes dead, the clutch needs adjustment, or any of several hundred other things go wrong. These problems are caused by Evil Road Spirits.

Evil Road Spirits can't live in the presence of a bell. They get trapped in the hollow of the bell. Among other things, their hearing is supersensitive. The constant ringing of the bell and the confined space drives them insane. They lose their grip and eventually fall to the roadway. (Have you ever wondered how potholes are formed?) The bell has served its purpose.

If you have picked up a bell of your own, the magic will work. But if your bell was given to you, the power has been doubled, and you know that somewhere you have a special friend helping to look after you.

So, if you have a friend that doesn't have a bell, why not be the person to give them one? It's a nice feeling for the recipient to know you personally cared. The bell, plus a good preventive maintenance program by the bike's owner, will help eliminate the Evil Road Spirits.
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