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I am putting a group buy together for Arnott air ride systems. We are still working on the details of this one, so please do not pm me yet.

I have talked to Gary at Gmanindustries to see about a group buy on his Bully FI controler. I have this on my bike now, and can't say enough good stuff about it. So, I am looking for interest in this one. Please post here, don't send pms yet.

And I will run a group buy on hoodies and a patch combo. This is going to be a combo deal on a hoodie sweatshirt with this bike design…
on back
And this patch…

again, please post here for interest in any of these, dont send pms yet. I have to clean out my mail box, and do not want to loose anyones infor from the low and mean group buy untill the order is confirmed.

air ride... pm sent
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I am definitely interested in the hoodie and the patch! If you can get the price down considerably on that air ride, I would also be interested. :bigthumbsup:

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Chris, you can definately count me in on the hoodie and patch. I want the air-ride too but I'll have to see how the mod funds are holding up. Hopefully, it will be one of those "too good to pass up" deals.:D

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I'm interested in the hoodie (and shop shirt). Not sure about the air ride (budget), but like biscuitpimp said, maybe it will be too good to say no.

Anyone know anything about the BULLY FI controller?

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Interest here


I would be interested in the GMan controller and hoodie. Thanks for the efforts.


P.S. I will be in Vegas all next week for an International Pool show. How goes the progress on next years International Meet.

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Count me in on the Hoodie and Patch, and I am considering the Arnott Air Ride system pending the group buy price.

Thanks again.


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I would be interested in the hoodie with the patch and also maybe a shop shirt for next summer. just let me know the prices.
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