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Just curious if there is anything out there where this is alot of interest in that maybe we could set up a group buy on it. My dealer does really well with pricing on everything for me and i think i may be able to set up a good group buy price. For example I bought my cobra swept exhaust for the girlfriends M90 for $525 and this included 5% sales tax. I couldnt find that price online that cheap. And if i told him i was going to order 10 of them, i am sure he would have done better. Just curious and i would be willing to check into it if i had some ideas. :bigthumbsup:

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I have done several Group Buys on here. Usually it is something that I am interested in getting. I have done them on
1. HID kits
2. Crush washers
3. The shift kit

And I think there is another one or two but I can not remember.
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