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Will you be purchasing a backrest?

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Update - 4/24/10 - The backrest design for the standard cut gel seat is complete. Order away!

4/21/10 - For those with the standard gel seat, please call Allison. She will create a list and Lonnie will send replacements out once the design is finalized (end of the week). Thank you for your time and patience.

4/20/10 - For those ordering the backrest with the Standard Gel seat, please wait on ordering until a solution is created.

Those who have the full cut gel seat, you would be best to order the standard backrest

4/14/10 - We have the Green Light! For those wanting a backrest, please contact the Grasshopper company at the number below!

The sale will now go until May 30th! A big thanks to Lonnie for extending the sale!

Details of buy: Two backrests will be offered. One that is 2" forward and one which sticks straight out of the bracket. Each variant can have a rear pocket added for small storage.

The base price for the group buy is $75. To add the pocket add $10. To add studs add $5. Shipping is $10 for the states.

For those who are living out of the continental US, please work directly with Lonnie to discuss shipping costs.

To order the backrest simply call: 608-346-1029. You will speak with Allison (Lonnie's wife). Just mention the M109 forum when purchasing in order to get the group discount. You may also pay through paypal at [email protected].

This thread is dedicated to creating a list of those members who wish to purchase the newly designed backrest from Grasshopper Backrests.

If you have questions about the backrest please see the thread below which follows the progress with pictures and details. http://www.m109riders.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1257718#post1257718

Please leave this thread for voting if you will or will not be purchasing any variant of the backrest and post a reply with your screen name so I can get a list of names.

Thanks for the interest,

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SVZuki...Just to let you know and/or at least for me. The link in your first post goes directly to a "Post Reply" page and not the thread you were wanting. ;):bigthumbsup:


Here's the other two threads...


And a pic from those threads:

I'd be interested in buying one of these too!
well, just found out a job at the house is gonna cost way more than I thought. I guess I better hold off on this for now. Grrr!
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