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lol, well, I got MattOhio's sweet 109. Long story short: needed to get mirrors for it (due to narrower handlebars and paint match). My wife got me a pair of CRG's arrow-end mirrors. After seeing the grips on the bike, they don't have bar ends, the grips cover the ends. The throttle side pivots, so there is no stable point for the new mirrors. I'm looking at:
A) Put the stock mirrors on a painting them, though they're a little too far in on the bars

B) Looking if I can drill through the grips to mount the CRG mirrors with their alt-mount kit

C) New grips that will allow me to put the CRG's on.

I'm leaning toward the CRGs, I'm very big on mirrors and awareness (otherwise known as "keeping-cars-the-f*@#$-away-from-me-at-all-times").

I appreciate any advice/experience.
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