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Got my 109

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Picked it up yesterday (Sat.) and was and am excited about it. Had to take it back to the shop were purchased after riding only about 3 miles down the road smoke and oil pouring from it. Thankfully I had read on here just 2 nights before about the oil over fill problem so I was pissed but not freaked out. They put new breathers on it and after about an hour and a half got the oil level right. After draining it all, refilling it and withdrawing oil little by little. I was actually out side as they were detailing my bike and the places mail runs; guess what ...a bulletin from Suzuki about the oil issue. They still gave me a pair of riding gloves , a leather billed Boulevard cap, and a can of that kick ass Honda detail and cleaner spray. Oh and I might mention that as I waited and watched everything they did I was also supplied with lunch and drink from local restaurant. Very apologetic folks and rightfully so seeing that I had just dropped 11K there, but all in all we know it was a legitimate mistake and it is a big enough problem that Suzuki is aware of it.
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well, first off, congratulations on the bike. you are gonna love it.

secondly, it's good to hear that suzuki is aware of the oil problem (too bad it happened to you though!), and trying to do something about it. i bet suzuki folks read this site :p
Congratulations on the new bike.

What color now graces your garage?
Congo rats!!! Welcome to the club.
Welcome, DBL.G... sounds like the dealer you bought from is a keeper. Any dealer that takes care of you like that - even if it was their fault - sounds to me like places service and customer satisfaction at the top of their list.

Congrats and welcome to the board. Sounds like you got a good dealer to work with. :bigthumbsup:
Congrats and enjoy! It's an awesome bike that just plasters a :D on your face! I made sure my dealer knew of the oil problem that others had experienced and even talked to the mechanic to make sure I wouldn't have this problem. I would suggest this to any others that haven't picked up their 109 yet. Let him know I wasn't trying to tell him how to do his job, but that I had just heard too many horror stories and that I was kinda a pretty boy and did want oil on my nice pants ;) ;) :joke:
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