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i went to mount washington last week-end, it was cloudy and alot of fog so the pictures were not that good so i'm going again this week-end. what i enjoy the most is that i can take my helmet off and ride free!!!!

so when i come down the mountain, i'll be cruisin' around the state of new hampshire and it would be cool to get together with other 9's and take a few pics.

as i am writing this, it is 37 min. pass midnight, time to go to sleep, i'll be on the road early in the morning, i'll check my e-mails as often as i can so i don't miss anybody.

p.s. if anybody knows where i can get a cheap motel to stay for saturday night, i would really apreciate it!

thanks guys, see you tomorow! :bigthumbsup:
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