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It took me a few hours of trying to get the :cus::edit::cus: rear wheel back on the first time I replaced my rear tire. After spending about the first 2 hours with bike out of gear :doh::edit:, then using a ratchet strap and a 2x4 (don't ask) I found I hadn't pulled it in far enough for the brake bracket to fit. :edit::cus::edit::cus::edit:

I finally figured out a way to do it painlessly so I thought I would share... make a spacer out of 1" pvc so you can use the axle nut to push everything back together.

1. Make sure bike is in gear so you can move wheel relative to splines.
2. Cut yourself a 2 1/4" piece of 1" pvc pipe.
3. Slide PVC pipe onto axle.
4. Slide axle into hub and maneuver wheel onto axle.
5. Slide axle as far in as it will go and put bushing, washer, and nut on the threaded end.
6. Tighten until slightly snug and then rotate wheel until it pops onto splines. Again, make sure bike is in gear.
7. Tighten until wheel is all the way on splines (There will be a gap of approx 1/8" between wheel and hub so don't overdo.
8. Remove axle completely, remove pvc and stash in your toolbox for next time.
9. Assemble as normal. 75 ft/lb is torque from axle in manual (after bike is on the ground).
10. Have a beer.

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That sounds like a neat way to do it bro, thanks for sharing. I like the idea of making a spacer that takes up the space the caliper bracket uses. :bigthumbsup::bigthumbsup:

The first time I put mine back on I fought it for about an hour, went in and took an nap, then came out and it slipped right on. Then I pulled the axle out a little so I could get the caliper bracket in place and the danged thing came back off the splines again. I was a little ticked, but it went back on easier that time. The second and 3rd times I was a little more careful pulling the axle out and it went OK, but it would sure be a lot easier being able to put some pressure on the hub like you did. I sit down beside mine with it on a lift, put my chest against the hub, then pull the wheel towards me while rotating it slightly.
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