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I've been searching for georgia state motorcycle laws on the internet, and was unsuccessful (except for the helmet law). So, I decided to call the Georgia State Police and ask them directly. The officer I spoke to was good enough to read the pertinent information to me right out of the book. Here's what i've found out so far:

1. all ages must wear a helmet at all times*. other protective gear is not specified.
3. you can use any color NEON/LED lights anywhere on your bike, including emergency colors. emergency colors are considered to be: blue, red, yellow, and green.
3. any of your lights can modulate, to include your headlight, as long as they are not emergency colors.
4. you bike must have at least 1 rear view mirror.
5. your bike must have left and right turn signals that are visible from both the front and the rear. it does not specify number or placement. the signals can be mechanical in nature, instead of electrical (wtf is this? lol).
5. motorcycle liscense plate must be at least 4.5" x 7". it does not specify location, orientation (vertical or horizontal) nor that lighting is required.

*the helmet law is contested. the law reads that you must wear a helmet that is on the approved list made by state officials. the loophole is that there is no list, and in fact it is illegal for state officials to make a list (becuase of liability if one fails). anyone that has contested the law after being cited for violating the law has won, because it's impossible to meet their standard when no standard exists.
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