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1st. I want to say THANK YOU SquareRounder for offering your Stock clutch cable, to me. And in that tread of mine, lostrider Stated it's the Tubeular nut! HE WAS, DEAD ON:bigthumbsup: I took it to my dealer here in New Hampshire, and for 64 bucks they fixed it:bigthumbsup: I own a 2006 with 21,000 miles it, this was the 1st. Issue I've ever with my 9!
What I think is important to mention, what my problem was and what happened.
1st. I could not put it in neutrial, while engine was running, only when engine was turned off. 2nd. issue, When I went to Start my bike, it would learch forward while engine was turning over to start!
I tryed to adj. my clutch, up by the leaver it's self. All I ended up gaining was, I could start my bike! BUT when I put it in gear, it would jump forward and stall! Thats when I threw in the towell and took it to my dealer.
So if you ever have these symptoms, it that NUT!!!! I hope this helps someone some time, but I will never wish this on anyone!!
Be safe out there, my friends. Bob J. aka TORQ!

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Glad you got it fixed Bob. For $64 they must have just removed the basket and tightened the nut? It's good to know dealers consider that a fix, instead of replacing the entire basket and charging you a lot more money. :bigthumbsup:
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