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J R said:
The higher the octane the slower the burn rate which = less timing in effect.(slower bike)Any more octane than the motor needs is a waste and will make you go slower.If you spark knock then you need to go to a higher octane but putting racing fuel in you stock vehicles that don't require it doesn't do anything but decrease performance. Nitrous turbo,s and the like that raise cyl pressure often you need the race gas to keep the engine from detonating along with high comp bla bla bla.But a stock bike I'm sorry fella,s but its not doing anything for you.actally the lowest octane you can get away with running without spark knock will be the "fastest" no matter what engine.I'm not saying go run your 109 with the reg unleaded as it calls for the super unleaded.But if it where gonna go faster from gasoline alone the faster the burn rate the better and the lower octane fuels have the faster burn rate.Ya wanna put somthing in your fuel that will make it faster go check out       http://www.pricechemical.com/max_race.htm   It does work but then Nitromethene always has :bigthumbsup:
Well said. Too many people don't realy understand what higher octane ratings mean. The gas companies make a killing off it by calling it "super unleaded" etc, making people think it is somehow better, even though their car is tuned for lower octane.

From some reviews I have read (no first-hand knowledge here) I think the biggest reason you are supposed to use the 91 octane stuff in this bike is because of the slower burn rate. They put in that huge piston, but made it somewhat thin to control weight. It sounded like the more combustible lower octane stuff could damage that monster of a piston. At least that's what the one review indicated. You would really need to talk to a Suzuki engineer to find out for sure.
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