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Fuel managment system

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Has anybody compared the COBRA and DYNOJET processors on a dyno or from experience on any bike.
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I'm using the Cobra on my VTX and it works great without messing with maps. 8)
I am going to use my Teka sfi, it worked great on my GSXR 1000 and TLS1000 and since it is the same board as the gixxer it will work great. I have already found the hook-up and tweaked it to get the lean surge out at 4000 rpm.
Wow, you have got quite a head start on the rest of us.
toneout said:
I used the power commander on my VFR. Never had any problems. Custom maps are expensive though.
Ihave a power commander on the way but wont be here until only god knows. Being some one into modifying any engine i can get my hands on I figured out a way to richen the fuel injection up on the m109r.The IAT or Inlet air temp sensor in the air box can easily BE TRICKEDwith a 3.3K OHM RESISTOR TO MAKE THE CONTROL UNIT THINK IT IS 30F DEGREES OUT . This made mine run even better.
I read in a magazine that they hooked up a power commander to a ZX-12R ninja ( my old bike) and didn't gain any noticeable results on the dyno and actually was a hair slower in the quarter. I am not saying the Power commander doesn't work or won't work for the M109R, I just want to see dyno results before I buy one.

The Power Commander alone shouldn't really offer a lot of improvement over factory engineered fuel mgt. controllers on a stock bike. When programmable modules such as the Dynojet P.C. come into their own is when you've modified exhaust, intake, etcetera and need more fuel at certain RPM ranges to compensate for the changes of more air coming, exhaust getting out, and so forth.
i have a power commander III on my busa and it helped out alot especially with low speed jerkiness (1st&2ndgear riding) smoothed it right out, had same problem with busa as with m109r the erattic throttling at low speed sucked until i installed the pcIII.
Which application PCIII did you use? I didn't think the M109R is out yet or are they all the same except for the maps?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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