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ok so some people say the filter doesn't get clogged up and others are saying they do.

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Now some people are saying the cheaper eBay filters are no good but I have read that others have used it with out issue

Im not confused at all!!!
I have been using the ebay filters for 3 or 4 years now in all of our customer bikes and have had NO issues. However, do I trust them like OEM? Absolutely not, as I believe OEM tends to be better on most things when it comes to the 109. With a OEM filter being so expensive, I can afford to swap the ebay filter out yearly for the next 30 years and still be ahead of the game. LOL I have about 20 of them in stock as we bought bulk from the seller for $2.20 a few years back. On my wife's bike, I have swapped it every year as part of her winter time maintenance. We average 8k miles per year and when I do it, it still is in great shape with nothing noticeable to be concerned with.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts