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I installed a Summo X rear fender kit onto my 2007 M109R. A custom seat had to be purchased to fit the new fender.
In the pictures is the custom seat combo I had on the bike. It is in excellent condition and is very comfortable. I selling all three items you are seeing in the pictures as a bundle: Front Seat, Rear Seat, and the Tank Bra (the elastic bands will have to be reattached to the right side of the bra <by the buyer> to make it functional).


Wood Artifact Art Sculpture Headgear
Human body Wood Sand Tree Cuisine
Sleeve Collar Bag Beige Waist
Brown Wood Beige Flooring Floor
Hair Jaw Gesture Art Tree
White Headgear Wood Helmet Fashion accessory

I've had lots of compliments on this seat assembly. It really makes the bike stand out.
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