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I don't trailer my bike much, but I am looking for a decent wheel chock that I could put on my trailer. Drive the bike onto it, get off and strap the back end down. I have parked my previous bikes on the trailer in the shop during the winter and when I am not riding. Saves space. Plus I figure a chock would make it easier for one person to tie her down.

I've trailered the 109 once (back to the shop after hitting the deer) and I was very nervous the whole time. I don't think I had it strapped down tight enough. Front end wobbled back and forth a couple times.

I've seen a few advertised in Cycle World. They all seem good but prices run from $185 to almost $400. Does anyone have any experience with chocks and any recommendations?


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I have a standard chock in my Haulmark LowHauler. The 109 fits it just fine.
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