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Hello all, just got new chromed stock wheels put on and now at around 20 - 40mph there is a squeak from the front right rotor. (used the search function and couldn't find anything so forgive me if this is a rehash)

Plenty of pad depth and it goes away when I apply the front brake.

When the technician at the Suzuki shop put the rotors on the new chromed stock wheel hubs he had to bore out the inside of the rotors a little since the chromed added to the circumference of the stock wheel hub.

He used a grinding stone on an electric drill to take off some of the inside diameter of the rotor so it would fit over the newly chromed stock hub.

It may be possible that he didn't reduce the inside circumference of the rotor enough and the rotor didn't seat all the way on the hub?? (just a wild uneducated guess)

You know how it is when your 109 is sick; I just want her to feel better.

Any help you can give in helping me solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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