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I hope you like your new M109R message board. It will take some time getting use to it for some of you and some of you have been using this type of format (VB) for awhile now. There are a few things you need to know before you start posting.

I've been running message boards for about 8 years now and I know what makes a board work and I know what will kill a board. :confused: Unfortunately every board has to have some sort of rules. I would ask that you not post any porn on this site or links to any porn or risque photos (including avatars and sig pics) and please try and keep your language clean if you would. We all know where to look and hear that stuff if we want to.

This is a "Work Safe and Family Friendly Site" and I run all my boards with a G to PG rating and you should be able to click on any message here and not have to worry about what's going to pop up on the screen if your kids are in the room. If you see a post that is violates these rules and guidlines please let me know by clicking the Report to moderator link and I will deal with it.

Trolls and Spammers
If a troll shows up on our boards and I can identify their IP I will disable all their accounts and will continue to do so until they go somewhere else to play. Trolls will be banned as fast as I can find them in-order to keep peace in the house. Someone asked me today what a "Troll" was. A Troll is someone that comes here only to cause division within our group. They have nothing of any value to add to this site. Spammers will be delt with in the same manner.

This is a Sponsored site so please respect that.

Any members that are not a sponsors but have links or banners of commerce in their sig line or posted message will have those links or banners removed to be fair to those that do support this site.

The main thing that makes a board a friendly place to come to is to show respect for each other. You don't have to agree with all the members, heck you don't even have to like all the members here but please show some respect for their differences, and take it easy on the new guys and gals. You were a new member at one time too..

I have boards setup for everything now so try and post the right messages on the right board (tech goes in tech and so on). This will make it much easier for you to read what you want to read. I can move messages if I need to.

You can have a "avatar" under your handle but if you link to a picture make sure it's no wider than 150 pix or else it it won't load. If you don't have a way to resize your picture just send me the full size picture and I will crop it and load it for you. If I see a sig pic that is too big I will remove it and resize the picture myself if I have the time.
Please try and keep your sig pics so they are not taking up the whole board everytime you post. 400 pixels high is plenty big for a sig pic and automated gifs are frown upon. :doorag:

If you want me to load a picture/avatar for you remember to tell me the user name you signed up with and that it is for the M109Riders board. I'm running a bunch of boards right now and I don't want to go looking for you on all my boards. ;)
Send your picture to [email protected] and I will load them as fast as I can. Don't forget to give me your user name and that it's for the M109Riders board.

The rules can be summed up pretty easy "Use good judgment so the moderators won't have to"
Let the posting begin! :bigthumbsup: :doorag:
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