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Just want to say this was my experience. This winter I had taken my bike somewhat apart. I had removed the air filters and inspected them. I have rode quite a bit this spring and noticed that the bike was surging and popping once in a while. I had seen a thread on here that some had that problem. I had tried adjusting my FI2000 and it didn't help. Then I saw someone had posted about checking the air intake. i thought to myself "i did mess with that". So I took the tank off and checked.... and sure enough the the intake hose was loose and had come off.
I put it back on and tightened it good ( might try the zip ties like others have said) and the bike runs like new again. I will have to adjust the FI2000 again though.

Just wanted to put that out there for others just in case they have the same problem.... that's what it may be.

I don't know if I didn't tighten it enough or it vibrated loose but I will know what to check first if it happens again. :bigthumbsup:

Sorry for being so long...

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Thanks for the heads up. I've taken my tank off for a few mods and noticed the intake was off the filter housing. The hose clamp os a pain and I hadn't heard of the zip ties. Great idea.
It's easy to do. Remove the metal clamps and toss them in the trash. Get either 11" or 14" black zip ties. Wrap one around the rubber inlet tube where the metal clamp was and pull it snug but not enough to deform the tube. Reattach the filter box, make sure the inlet is seated on the filter box, then pull the zip ties down a little tighter but not real tight. Snip them off. After that you can remove and install the filter boxes without having to do anything other than removing the two bolts and pulling it off.

The metal clamps deform the tube, which is why they pop back off. Tightening them down more just bends the end of the filter box out down more and actually forces it off the box. The tubes fit the box pretty snug without anything on them, which is why the zip ties don't have to be super tight.

Unless you look really close you can't even see the zip ties. Make sure and position them so you can get to them to snug them up and snip them off after they are installed.
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