I had my ECU flashed and no longer need these items.

The Dyno Jet power commander fuel controller works. I was able to load and read maps with the free software available from dyno jet. It is compatible with power commander maps. I am not sure what the difference in "fuel controller" and the official power commander is. This connects to your PC for flashing by USB. It has 3 pots on the front to manually adjust low mid and high RPM levels. It also lets you change between 10 maps from another dial on the controller. This is designed specifically for the M109R. Product Detail Page

The Revo servo eliminator gets rid of the FI light when you remove the servo and install an aftermarket exhaust. Works as intended. Project Detail Page

Power Commander $155
Servo Eliminator $55
Buy both $200

USPS priority mail to cont' US should be ~$12.

Electrical wiring Audio equipment Font Cable Gas

Circuit component Adapter Cable Font Audio equipment

Wood Circuit component Cable Wire Heat-shrink tubing