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I got my first sportbike kill today. I'm not even sure what it was since it was all unmarked and he never even got beside me for me to get a good look. I did see enough of the front of the bike and the motor to tell that it was a late 80s bike and at least a 750. I thingk it may have been a Kawasaki GPZ or a Honda CBX or something.

Anyway, the guy pulled up beside me at a stoplight in the same lane, and even though he wasn't revving it, I kinda took that as a challenge. Right before the light changed he started revving so I let him go first. That was the last time he saw the front of the 109.

As we left the light, I still hadn't released the clutch completely, so I quickly pulled it back in and twisted the throttle. THE 109 CAME TO LIFE!! I left about a 20 ft strip of rubber, and started getting sideways. Just then I got traction and blew right by him. I sensed he wasn't ready, because when he heard my tire squeal he gunned it, but it was too late. The next light was actually about 2 blocks away, and he never even got close.

The next light was red also, so I figured since I probably caught him by surprise the first time, I'd give him another chance. This time I took off slow and he wheelied out of the gate. We were side by side and I was starting to pull away when I hit the rev limiter. But he wheelied again when he hit second. That was a good thing, because the rev limiter caught me by surprise and I almost missed second too. That was the closest he ever got. I couldn't see him in my mirrors but I still beat him to the next light.

The third light was also red and we were out in front and he hadn't had enough. So I let him have it again. This time I watched the tach better and it wasn't even close. I never saw him again. I think he got embarrassed and turned off somewhere.

I smiled all the way home and I am still smiling almost 2 hours later.
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