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emailed clear alternatives this week out the elusive clear taillight lens for our bikes and shipped to Oz. See relpy below;

they will be available online sometime this week. they are 129.99 and 25 for shipping.

Best Regards,

Clear Alternatives
6171 McLeod Drive, Suite B
Las Vegas, NV 89120
1-702-293-0537 (Outside US)

Website is a little vague and incomplete, but it looks like we will get smoked or clear.
Still not sure if its a complete unit or simply the lens, but for the price complete seems the go.
Also, the service manual shows it to be one piece including LEDS, so it probly is a whole unit.
Price seems competitive to what suzi will charge me for a Ltd Edition taillight so I might just order one.
This might just be the last mod do.....( yea right)

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I see the part number but no pics yet. :(
Good news is that the part number ends in "IT" and according to their site all the "it" numbers are the integrated light and lens.

well see
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