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This afternoon as I was stopping at a light "Tim" pulled up next to me on an almost identical Burple 109. Both were basically stock but he has the JSD-3M installed and I have a tank bra. Both are debadged. The first words he said was "you gotta go to this site M109riders.com" :bigthumbsup: :bigthumbsup:

We talked for a good while. He has some issues with logging in here so he is back to lurking for now. Hi Tim.

WOW it was great to see another 109 on the road. PLUS he is actually riding the first bike I was going to buy at the first dealer I was at :yikes: :yikes:
This bike really looks awsome going down the road! Now I know why all the ladies gravitate to the Burple :evil: :evil:

Now I like mine even more! :clap2: :clap2:
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