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It took two days of waiting for the weather to clear,

But I finally got my bike in the garage :bigthumbsup: I took it on a 130 mile test drive and MAN this is a tight machine. I find that its better set up for taller riders (I'm 5' 8" a buck 45). But It's not unruley and a windshield would be great. It certainly turns heads, I even had an HD rider wave AND give a big thumbs up! That was the best part of all, (they usually don't wave when I'm on the Intruder).

I parked down from a VRod and it looked tiny...hahaha... the guy took a LOT of time looking the M109 over, NOOO I didn't invite him to test himself against me...(still in the breakin period) but I think he'd avoid me anyway :evil:

I'll post pics later...but I'll be back to give more of my impressions after the next ride ... Saturday :D

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