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Yes Folks,,,after all the waitin to see another fellow M109r Rider....It happened today,,on the way home from my stealer(I canceled my tire warranty)....a big pretty silver m109r rode right past me.... :eek: first time i had seen it in action from a bi-stander point of view ;) Must say,,looks awesome... :bigthumbsup: After a brief hello(hope I didnt scare the crap out of him(big black crew cab dually pullin beside him in traffic :eek:) I told him about the site and hope he joins.... :D look forward to maybe a double 109r ride....Told him briefly about a few issues which he has also...and said this is the site to help you get it fixed!...Heck I'm goin racing tomorrow and I ain't this excited.... :D .Laters...
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