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And the codes are below. But I would take it back to the dealer since you are under warranty.

FI light code key:
C00: None - No defective part
C12: Crankshaft position sensor (CKPS) - Pick-up coil signal, Generator
C13: Intake air pressure sensor #2 (IAPS #2) - For Front cylinder
C14: Throttle position sensor (TPS) - (Note *1)
C15: Engine coolant temp. sensor (ECTS)
C17: Intake air pressure sensor #1 (IAPS #1) - For Rear cylinder
C21: Intake air temp. sensor (IATS)
C23: Tip-over sensor (TOS)
C24: Ignition signal #1 (IG coil #1.1) - For Rear cylinder
C25: Ignition signal #2 (IG coil #2.1) - For Front cylinder
C26: Ignition signal #1 (IG coil #1.2) - For Rear cylinder
C27: Ignition signal #2 (IG coil #2.2) - For Front cylinder
C28: Secondary throttle valve actuator (STVA)
C29: Secondary throttle position sensor (STPS) - (Note *2)
C31: Gear position signal (GP switch)
C32: Injector signal #1 (FI #1) - For Rear Cylinder
C33: Injector signal #2 (FI #2) - For Front Cylinder
C40: Idle speed control valve (ISC valve)
C41: Fuel pump control system (FP control system) - Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump Relay
C42: Ignition switch signal (IG switch signal) - Anti-theft
C44: Heated oxygen sensor #2 (HO2S #2) - For E-02, 19, 24
C46: Exhaust control valve actuator (EXCVA)
C49: PAIR control solenoid valve #2 (PAIR valve #2) - Except for E-03, 28, 33
C60: Cooling fan control system - Cooling fan relay
C61: PAIR control solenoid valve #1 (PAIR #1)
C64: Heated oxygen sensor #1 (HO2S #1) - For E-02, 19

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fi light is on,what does it mean?? safe to ride like this. 08 m109, got end of summer new last year only got 500 miles on it so far....still under warenty.
Sorry to ask but am also a new member and dont know much about these new electronic bikes.... The fi light is the one that says CHECK? i get that once in a while and have noticed that the bike gets slow turning over when starting...

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F1 Light Fix

I had the F1 light on for around one year, it reported code C-28, which is the STVA servo motor. I'm not good at troubleshooting electrical problems so I thought I needed a STVA and the dealer was happy to give me one until they told me how much:mad: $1000 dollars just for the part. So I gave it the old college try and I found that the ECU must sent and receive a signal from and to the STVA. So while I was checking the wires to the ECU from the STVA, which checked good, I put everything back together and then check if I had an error code. Well I had two codes now C-28 and C-23, so I grabed the connectors and did the shake test and to my surprise the light went out and code c-00 was reported.:bigthumbsup: So I proceeded to take the Orange plastic piece off each ECU connector to reveal the metal contacts and sprayed them with electrical contact cleaner and also the ECU contacts, reassembled everything making sure they snapped in and I have had no F1 light for two weeks, bike is running great.:D I would try this same repair before you take it in to the dealer. Good Luck:doorag:
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