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I wanted to extend the invite to all my friends here who might be in the area in February to join us for lunch.

This year were trying some new things, first off after checking out several locations that would be different from the usual Red Hook Brewery and finding many that could not accommodate our group or that wanted to charge us extra for being a group (still dont understand that one) I believe we have found a place that will fit the bill for most of us.
Saturday Feb 19th at 12 pm
Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse
225 SW 7th St.
Renton, WA 98057
Great food, great prices, individual tickets, no surcharge, and we can all sit together.
They offer free peanuts that you can throw the shells on the floor, its a road house atmosphere, I understand the beer is fantastic (I love their ice tea)....Patti and I try to eat at the one near our house a couple of times a month so we visited the Renton one yesterday and it had the same feel and same food. Plus they were excited to have a motorcycle group there as they host lots of groups.
Looking forward to seeing everyone.
God bless

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Hi John, that sounds great!!!! Might want to put this in the WA thread also. And make sure all us NW boys see it. I am game!!
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