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Hi All

I am having some trouble with the O2 sensor wiring on my european spec M109, and was suggested to try asking here since Australian bikes are equiped with O2 sensors as well.

Anyway, m bike has been equipped with an aftermarket exhaust without O2 sensors, but I am reinstalling the stock exhaust and have plugged in the sensors, however I am getting an "FI" error indication in the main display.

I have noticed that two wires are removed from the topmost connector on the ECU (not the pin 7 to disable the SET actuator, my wires are on the other connector), and I suspect that this is done to disable the O2 sensors, and may cause the error code now that I have plugged the sensors back in.

I would like to reconnect the wires but problem is I dont know which one goes where. The wires are both white, one have a thin blue line and one has a thin green line. The two empty holes in the connector are number 3 and 6 from the top.

I would be very grateful If anyone could check the wiring on their ECU and maybe be able to direct me on how to connect the wires.

Thanks in advance :)

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I noticed you posted this a second time.
In your first post you stated that you did not refit the SET unit.
If you try to enable the O2's without the ECU seeing SET working the FI light will come on.
also when I did manage to fool the ECU, I had some shocking light throttle surging.
I suspect this is due to the lack of back pressure with no working SET fitted.
I spend F****n hours trying to get the same set up as you describe to work properly, with no joy.
The only way you can get it to work properly, is either all (SET& O2's), or nothing (no O2's and SET), otherwise light will bug the **** outa you.

the gas man
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