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Dyno Jet Tuning

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My father installed PC III and now has popping and it doesnt ride right. Im in NC and he is in Lake Mary Fla so helping him out here is useless. Anyone know of a good shop that wont charge $250 to map it in the Orlando area?
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Mapping a bike is not cheep. That is why I went with the FI2000R. I would post something up the the state chapter that you are looking to get it tuned in.
what type of setup is he running? what mods has he done to the bike?

someone on here might have a map they can share with him. once he installs the map, it might take care of the problem.
cobra pipes stock air filter. I thought he had the FI at first because thats what I am running and so much easier to adjust.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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