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I'm in the process of selling my VTX1300 to someone. Before he showed up, I took it out of the garage and decided to drive it around. Sheesh, that thing felt TANK. I give it half or full throttle and compared to the M, it barely moved; like I had something dragging behind me... Although the X is lighter than the M, the M is balanced so much better. I know the VTX1800 is much faster than the 1300, but the 1300 suppose to maneuver better... I've always been a Honda fan (cars, bikes, ATVs, etc) but, Honda is going to have their hands full trying to match the M...

The 109 is definitely a bike one seems to enjoy more each time you ride it.

It's created the same kind of "buzz" the Valkyrie did when it first came out......I just hope it doesn't meet the same fate.

Anyway, I have both so all my riding addictions can be satisfied......except not having enough time to ride all I want. Daggum work thingy. :D

Enjoy yours to the max!
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