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Drive train

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Recently purchased a 2007 model M109R,and something not right somewhere in the drive chain..between about 90klms/hr and 140 there is a sort of graunchyness which then powers out a higher speeds...anyone else had this issue...and found a possible cause ? The bike has only done 19,000 klms.
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I'm not sure what you mean by graunchyness. 90 kmh is about 55 mph, which is on the low end to accelerate very hard in 5th gear, but at 140 kmh, which is about 86 mph, the engine is in its power range and is pulling smoothly. What happens if you downshift it and run it up in that range?

Welcome to the forum too.
Cruising in 5th gear at around 70 - 75 mph you will be right at 10% TP.
At that point you are bouncing back and forth between the IAP and TPS fuel maps.
The transition between these maps is not smooth from the factory.
Drop her down to 4th and power though, when accelerating.

If you have aftermarket exhaust on the bike and want to flash the ECU that would help tremendously, if the tuner is on his game.
I see you are down under, I know a guy in southern Aus who flashes the M109R ECU's.
If you are interested let me know and I can get you his info.

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