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I'm typing this from memory so if I get a couple of things wrong please cut me some slack. ;)

I'm pretty sure you need to pull your pipes to get to your brake line, for sure it's going to be easyer to get to if you do.

Now you need to remove the master cylinder cover so you can take the front of the line off.

Now you can disconnect the line at the caliper and pull the whole thing out of there.

Route the new line to the master cylinder and reinstall line and cover.

Remove rear caliper while on the bike and then remove caliper bracket. You don't need to pull the axle all the way out if you have it on a lift.
Install Downunder bracket and install axle in swingarm.
What I do now is go ahead and install the caliper on the Downunder bracket and run the brake line to the caliper.

Once you get the line where you like it and it's tight at the fitting I then pull the caliper back off of the rotor and stick a piece of plate or something that's about a 1/4" thick between the brake pads.

Now I hold the caliper up above the rotor to bleed the brakes. It really helps if you have an extra hand doing this but you can do it by yourself.

Once the brake is bled go ahead and install the caliper and pump the brakes and check for leaks. If all is well put your pipes back on and take her for a spin.


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there is no pic version. only this one. the pix have been moved, or deleted.

I sent a pm to L to see if he can fix it, being how it is his thread.

we shall waite and see.
Pics are always nice but I just installed the downunder kit 2 weeks ago. It took me all of an hour with the brake bleed too. If you have stock exhaust, you will find it easier to remove the exhaust in order to install the new brake line. As for the bracket itself, slide the axle out just enough to slip the new spacer and bracket on. If you have stock exhaust, you will need to modify the exhaust bracket to accomodate the downunder bracket. I used the original mounting points along the swingarm for the new brake line. I cut the rubber sleeves off the original brake lines and used them with the original mounting brackets. Made for a very clean and almost factory look install. Really simple install which adds a lot to the clean look out back.
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