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Do you like Cable or hydraulic clutch?

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In the last 15 years all my bikes were hydraulic clutches,I like this cable job it seems to be smoother what ya'll think.
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Smoother takeup point but heavier than hydraulic on my old Mean streak
I think there are pros and cons to both hydraulic is usually lighter, but cable is smoother, all my bikes have been cable but i have rode a few hydraulic i think its a toss up... but if i really had to pick i would say hydraulic, the wings use them and Ive never heard the word jerky used on a wing  :bigthumbsup:
Not just that but hydraulic ones are self adjusting. No lubing either. The only maintenance is flushing the brake fluid out every two years or so. :hot: :hot:
Usage wise, I don't really notice any difference. I did have to adjust mine to take a little slack out of the cable to improve shifting, but ease of use feels about the same as the hydraulic on my VTX did. It does give one different maintemance concerns though.
I like the hydraulic better. It's easier to pull.
When my lever broke I had a devil of a time pulling it back with 3 fingers and looked everywhere for levers. Kuryakin said they will have the wide chrome out this summer.
Had them on my Shadow and liked the looks and feel much better.
As long as it works, It's all good to me.
Don't like having to cary a spare cable
Have had them pop in the past

When one has problems, it's the cable ends that come off. Keep them lubricated and keep your protective rubber covers on them and you should be ok.
I've had problems with the cable ends breaking before! But cable is all I've had so It's all I know. Guess I like cable ::)
well i like a hydraulic clutch that is what my Vulcan had but when i was looking at the M109 i never thought about seeing what type of clutch it had until i got it home :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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