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Direct Line / Honda Direct Line
Direct Line Parts 2010 Memorial Day Sale
10% Off all Orders with Merchandise Totaling Over $100

The Coupon Code is MEMDAY526

Off all Orders with Merchandise Totaling Over $100 made before 8am Eastern on Thursday June 3, when you enter Coupon Code of MEMDAY526 at checkout. Read below for more details.

Parts Club Members also get their discounts off these products as well. Parts Club Members must LOGIN to the club to see club pricing. To join the Parts Club CLICK HERE

We are including our OEM parts store in the
sale. You can order Honda OEM parts at our site www.hdlparts.com. Orders placed on either site must total $100 to be eligible for the sale. Amounts from orders placed on the 2 sites cannot be combined to reach the $100 level

10% OFF Sale
Started 6PM, Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Ends at 8AM Thursday, June 3, 2010
The Coupon Code is MEMDAY526
Take 10% Off Most Items In Our Store
(read below for all excluded items)


1. Coupon code is MEMDAY526
2. Sale Started 6PM, Wednesday, May 26, 2010.
Orders placed before this are not eligible for discounts.
3. Sale Ends at 8AM Eastern, Thursday, June 3, 2010
4. Must place order at www.DirectLineParts.com or www.hdlparts.com (Honda OEM Parts)
5. Orders must have Merchandise totaling $100 to qualify
6. Cannot be combined with any other discount codes or offers.
Orders must be placed in our online store which is www.DirectLineParts.com or www.hdlparts.com.

The coupon code must be entered at checkout to receive the discount. Discount does not apply to previously ordered merchandise.
You must type the coupon code in the coupon section when you check out of the online store. Use this coupon code MEMDAY526. If you have done this correctly you will see the adjusted order totals on your checkout and in your email confirmation. If you do not see the discounted amount then you have entered it wrong or ordered something not eligible.

The following items are NOT eligible for the extra discount: Parts Club Memberships, Honda oil/chemical products, Suzuki Warranties, items listed in the Bargain Hunter categories, and discounts do not apply to the purchase of any vehicles, motorcycles, ATV or scooters.

You must type the coupon codes in the coupon section when you check out of the online store. Use the coupon codes noted at the top of this e-mail. We offer this type of sale several times per year. We do it because we want to sell a lot of merchandise and we want you to have some money left in your pocket. We want to do all of this without having to answer telephone calls and inputting orders into the computer. We can save money that way and pass the savings on to the online community that visits our message boards.

We have a huge inventory but we must rely on our suppliers and manufacturers to provide us with a steady flow of merchandise. If we do not have the items in stock we will maintain your order in a backorder status until we receive the merchandise and ship it to you. Or you may cancel the order at your discretion.

If you are in need of an item in a hurry, please call your order in to make sure that you get the item when needed. You will not be eligible for the discount on orders placed on the phone.

These sale discounts cannot be combined with any other offer, coupon or discount.

All of our employees appreciate the business that you entrust to us. We do screw-up occasionally and all we ask is that you give us the opportunity to take care of the problem. If you need help with a problem, then please call any of us at 1-888-693-1011.

Direct Line Parts, Inc.

The coupon code is: MEMDAY526 for a 10% discount on most products
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Parts ordered! Thanks for posting this up!
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