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I sat down this a.m. with "da Man" in my dealers parts dept. to make him aware him of this website along with Direct Line, etc. so he may be further informed about the 109.
Was ready to purchase a rear Metz the other day they had a sale but they had none in stock. I was going to order one from DLP but dealer would charge to mount it since it was not purchased from them.
After I supplied him w information I've received via you bros, he was appreciative for the homework I've done that he immediately ordered an ME880/260, made an appointment for me this Friday for my tire install, oil change, check the greasy substance on rear wheel hub and generally look the bike over and he's only charging me "his price" for the tire of $180+ tax. Overall, I think i came out ok.
p.s....I think I've made a new friend. :) Â
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