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Recently, I sent out an SOS looking for shops that install Air Rides... I didn't fine any, but thought this thread might be helpful.

Was wondering if it might be a good idea to list Bike Shops that either specialize or will/have worked on M109's... I know of about 3

Freestate on Central Ave. in Upper Marlboro MD
Clinton Cycles on Old Branch Ave. in Clinton, MD
COD Accessories in White Plains, MD (Also is a source for a local Chrome Rim exchange)

In addition:
For Polishing work:
C&S Custom Cycles in White Plains, MD

For Painting:
An Ultimate Finish in Fairfax.

Use my bike as a reference for the above mentioned shops and PM me if you want more details.

What are the 'authorized' Suzuki Dealer/Shops in the area? I know of one over in the Fairfax area, but I don't recall the name of it... maybe someone can help me out with that one.

Disclaimer: I don't mean to break any rules of sponsorship... so this trhead may get deleted if it's breaking any rules of advertising or marketing. (No heart ache if it doesn't survive...)
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