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ran josh today (see daytona pic thread) on his vtx 1800 @ the gieco dyno drag

here are the numbers on 4 pulls!

mike  (m109)pulled baffels and jsd mod only       josh (vtx 1800) with pipe intake and power comm.

1) e.t. 11.135                                                                                                        00000
    mph 119.10                                                                                                       00000
    hp.   109.1                                                                                                         00000

2) e.t. 11.056                                                                                                         12.348
    mph 120.7                                                                                                           112.3
    hp   116.4                                                                                                           89.3

3) e.t. 11.539                                                                                                         12.435
    mph 120.8                                                                                                          114.8
    hp   115.8                                                                                                           95.1

4) e.t. 11.646                                                                                                          12.344
    mph 120.1                                                                                                          114.7
    hp  115.7                                                                                                            95.3

not bad for a pretty much stock bike v.s. a modded vtx!

I dont know how the computer factors your time (if it compensates for wind resistance or not) but those are some good e.t.'s and the other bikes numbers all seem close to advertised #'s I did us proud boy's and big thank's to josh he even spoted me a $20 to run him :D (they did not take debit)

the best part was the first run they brought out this bad arse harley with an 126 ci S&S motor in it the guy rev's it to about 6000 and dumps the clutch.....the belt snaps off and he held it WFO bumping the rev limiter for about 5 seconds then it promptly blew the "F" up and oiled down the dyno machine!!!!! then I got up there and did my thing.....not to many harley guy's went up after that :dontknow: :D :D

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And my boy Josh knows how to street race, he is no slouch.

On the way to Daytona today I had him ride my 109 and he LOVED IT !!! ( I told him to get on it hard and he had it at 110 mph in third gear on Interstate 4 before he knew it !!!!)

Glad we all got together today and had fun at Daytona, I'll bring him to Old town in Kissimmee when we go.


Bob, Mark, and Josh

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