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I have an 06 09, one of the first delivered in this area
I like it so much I didn't trade it in on the 010 Kawy Voyager
I got in August. I am suprised how much Kawy responds
to customer input and suggestions. They send out a 4 page
questionare that covers just about everything.
It seems as though they use this info to make significant
changes on newer models. They have been making this model
for 2 years prior to 2011. Several changes were incorporated
in the 011 models;
Those being
Quieter transmission
Improved shifting
Revised gear ratios
New design mufflers [quieter tapered end instead of slash cut]
New design intake manifold
EFI Tweaks
36 month warranty
They just announced a recall pertaining to a stalling
problem some have had on some bikes it is a cpu replacement.
at least they try to correct the problems.
It seams that they are more in touch with customers
then moma Suzi
Other than some slight cosmetic changes no other improvements
were ever made on all 109's built.
I have 19 k on the 09 and other then the rear rotor warranty
replacement only routine mantenance Brakes, tires, etc.
Just my .02 cents
Most all of the posts concern clutch and tranny problems,
and Suzuki just seems as though they don't give a $#!+

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We (the Forum) make the difference for Suzuki, they owe us. If it weren't for us, where would they be. We keep them alive, and we love our machines. :eek::bigthumbsup:

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I did get a survey from suzuki when I bought mine, I have on everything I have bought from suzuki, quads, gixers, and then my 9. It covered everything from dealer to the machine itself.:dontknow:
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