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I sent an email message to Jason Siller of Coastal Moto: See my message

My Message:


I own a Suzuki Boulevard M90, and I was wondering if you had in your future plans to make a wheel for this new bike from Suzuki. The M109's rear will fits the M90, it's the front wheel that will not fit.

Thank you,

Dexter M. Gordon

Jason's Reply:

We are looking at it and if we decide to add that application, I will surely let you know. I will keep your contact info on file. Thanks.

Jason Spillers
Coastal Moto
1451 N US Hwy 1 #15
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Hopefully they wheel be making some wheels for an M90.



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Call and talk to Don, thats who I been dealing with and hes the manager over there. Tell him Vinnie sent you and ask him if he can work a deal out with you if you would send him your wheels or something so they can do whatever it is they do to make wheels. Give it a try.
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