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After an entire day of riding..with different helmets on my 109 I was finally able to get the shield set up so that my head didnt rattle like it was in blending machine....I cant believe how hard it is to get that thing dialed in...I finally got it to work but it hates my HJC 15 and my HJC is-max...both my half helmets felt great and no buffeting at all...I guess those helmets(HJCs) sit a little higher on my head and are just catching a bad wind stream. I finally got it to where the buffeting was not blurring my vision, but today has been a crazy experience. 100 miles of driving just trying to get the shield set up right...I tried different things to see if it was wind coming from under since I dont have lowers...but its clearly the air coming over the top that is tapping down on my helmet like a steady but fast drum beat..fixed now.. but if youre 6'4+ and have a full face HJC(or any other full face)be ready for a heck of a time getting that shield set up right.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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