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I know you're all probably getting sick of me and this whole Corbin deal, so this time I am posting some of the very positive experiences I've had with other suppliers:

Newenough.com/Joe Rocket
-i ordered a 3XLT Alter Ego Joe Rocket jacket (A textile with zip off panels that makes it into a mesh jacket).
-on the mesh layer, one of the elbow cinches was attached backwards so it couldn't be fastened.
-they told me to send it back (their cost) and they would send me a new one
-I had a racing course that week for which I needed a jacket: they said no problem, they're sending me a new one anyways, just send back the old one when I get it!
-The second one was wrong too, the guy had only checked the outer layer.
-They sent out a third overnight, after personally checking it and sending me pictures. They also included a set of Joe Rockeet gloves that I had in my wish list ($70ish)! They also told me not to bother sending back the second jacket, so my dad now has it, and he never does up the elbow cinches anyways.
-This spring I got a Joe Rocket package: they had redesigned the Alter Ego jacket, and sent me one so I could tell them what I thought.

Arai/Full Bore/Sarah-Monica Branch

-At the motorcycle show I was walking by the Arai booth and an extremely Hot girl grabbed me and said "you're a big guy, you must have a hard time finding a helmet"
-She sat me down and proceded to crawl all over me to measure my head a variety of different ways (it had this sexy lap-dance vibe going). She then told me that I didn't even need their largest shell. I didn't believe her.
-She proceeded to rip out and reattach pads in a Vector helmet, and fit me extremely comfortably in a 2xl instead of a 3xl. She also took a bunch of notes and said she could grind down the sides and chin, and attach a chin spoiler, etc...
-So, 2 weeks later she was done with the motorcycle show tour and was going to start on my helmet, but they didn't have the color shell I wanted. I had to wait a month (in the middle of winter, so I wasn't riding anyways) and she then got the color I wanted, did all the modifications, and sent it to my dealer.
-I had no obligation to buy it. If I didn't want it: no Problem. No up front payment, no commitment, even though it was personally tailored to me. Of course I took it, it was awesome! She even included a dark tint shield with the clear because I had to wait a month!

So there you have it Corbin, two examples of how its done. And to everyone that reads this: Aaron at New Enough is awesome, The Joe Rocket Rep (I forget her name) was Awesome, and Sarah-Monica Branch from Full Bore Marketing/Arai Canada is Awesome (and super hot, and super nice).

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Thats the way its supposed to be done...You take care of your customers and they will stick with you...Don't know what corbins problem is right now,new employee or what,but thats not the customers problem,its there's...So they need too get to the bottom of this issue and solve it,pronto...If they are wanting to be a high quality,high price company,there customer service need to match or exceed there product...A seat that poorly made should never have got past quality control,never mind being shipped:doh:Thats the problem i have with this whole internet shopping thing....great when you get what you want for the price your happy with..BUT , when something goes sour,service reps seem too disappear...or drag there arse...Very annoying..service reps seem alot more accommodating when you deal with them in person...frustrating but true..:dontknow:
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