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After many run-ins with the "judders" and much trying to ascertain when and why it happens, I was able to consciously catch it when it happened and what action caused it.

I can now duplicate it almost anytime and can also avoid it anytime.
For me, the time it happens is when the clutch is released as the RPM's are dropping

If I am throttling up, no matter how hard, and release the clutch, no judder.

If I rev the RPm's and allow the peak to be reached and while the RPM's start to drop release the clutch, it judders. It will do it in any gear, hot or cold.

The lower the gear, the more violent the judder and vice-versa. In fifth gear it can hardly be felt and is very brief, but it is there. In first it is the most violent decreasing in magnitude up the scale of gears.

So if the clutch is released while the RPM's are on the upswing, no problem.

Those with the problem may want to verify this with their bike and see if this is the generic scenario for the judders.

I'm having my clutch plates replaced and Suzy offered to replace three of them (but since it's open I'm replacing them all). I'll see if the problem is fixed as some of the clutch parts have been replaced with new numbers.
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