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I finally got my Barnett clutch cable installed. I had issues with the first cable due to it being too short (thanks to KewlMetal). I got the proper length cable and after all my aggravation with installing the first Barnett cable I had the mechanic at my local Suzuki dealer install it. He was installing for free as thanks to me getting the Dynojet back up and running.

Well - it was late in the day and he was rushing to get the job finished by time to go home and he forgot to zip-tie the cable to the top of the downtube of the frame. The cable is pretty stiff and there's not much clearance between the cable and the radiator fan.

As the cable was not zip-tied it moved and ended up jamming the radiator fan so it couldn't spin. I noticed this when my bike was overheating. I couldn't hear the radiator fan kicking on. I checked the fuse and it was ok. When I took a look at the fan I could see the cable was jamming the fan.

I moved the cable but the fan would not kick on. I took it back to the shop today and the fan was dead. The mechanic pulled a fan off a new M90 from the showroom floor and I was out of there within an hour.

Moral of the story - make sure the clutch cable is zip-tied to the downtube so that there's no chance of it touching the fan...
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