Sold my bike and have some parts left over I'd like to move along to someone who can use them. All parts are located in greater Seattle area. Shipping these days is costly so please keep that in mind. I've included shipping with insurance and tracking in all the prices below.

OEM Suzuki Rear Gel Seat with M109R embroidery on back of seat (came OEM like this) - $160 shipped ($130 picked up)

Rare Swampworks Adjustable Lowering Links - Brand new in the plastic wrap, never mounted. Maybe the last pair of brand new ones in existence, who knows. These will go anywhere from a 1/2" drop all the way to 4"+ - $210 shipped ($190 picked up)

Low & Mean Black gel coat chin spoiler “with hole/vent” - New, never mounted. Sold!

BIllyDump Upgraded Motor Mounts - One pair, brand new. Check this site for reviews, no longer available that I'm aware of. Sold!