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Brake and Gear shift pedals

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I've seen some heavily modded 109 pics on the internet, things that inspire me to want to do more with mine. I've seen some custom floor boards and brake / gear shift pedals that I can't find for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where to find parts like this, or are they modified Harley parts? are there adapters or ways to make parts for other bikes fit the 109?
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This section of the forum is for storage of files, not for asking questions. Not sure how many folks will see it here.

But to your question, it's a mix of custom and stock. Most floorboards can be made to fit with the proper adapter, for example just about anything that Kuryakyn makes can be had with an adapter to fit the 109. In the past there were some suppliers for custom brake and shift pedals, but I don't think there are any available now. You can check on Meancycles.com and see what they have, as they have almost anything available. For my brake and shift levers I modified them to use aftermarket pegs, not necessarily to fit an HD but they would. On the shift lever I cut the pad off and tapped the lever to use a threaded peg, the brake I cut the pad off and drilled the lever to use a peg that a bolt could be threaded into. It's kind of like finding what you can make fit on those.
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