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After all the questions and all your answers...
The bike should be done this week.

Here's a few pics of my mods.
I'll have better pics when I get the bike back & I get her all cleaned up and polished, she's looking kinda dirty right now :D

My friend Damaso taking her to the shop

She will be missed while getting worked on

Boxes full of goodies :drool:
That tire isn't mine, But don't worry mine's in one of the boxes :D

Couple of days later...

Here we go...

Kuryakyn Scythe Mirrors & Cycle House Levers

Kuryakyn Small Silver LED Bullets Front

& matching for the back
P.S. here you get a small glance also of the Cycle House Short Kick Stand

Love how the mirrors stick out...

& There's the man again, working on the BIG FAT FRONT
METZ 150/70/18

I'm in love

& Finally, Got the rear today...
Damn I love the UPS Man

THE BIG FAT 280...

Wheels look so good makes me want to put them on the car :p

So what do you guys think?
I went a different route, BLACK with RAW ALUMINUM...
Chrome looks good, but I just wanted to be different from the rest and stand out, plus black and grey is a great combo...

Stay tuned for the final shots... (for now :D)

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Thanks guys for all the props...
I look up to most of you guys for inspiration.

I got the wheels from Coastal Moto.
Jason (owner) is one of the nicest people I have ever purchased anything from. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and a great price also.
(I went with Coastal Moto after reading so many great things about them from CMHGUY and a few other fellas on here.)

I'm a little upset though because the shop was having problems with my FRONT LED's. They installed everything up and nothing, they wouldn't turn on for running lights, only one of them would & then when you would put on the turn signal the other light would turn on but with a dimmer light... really weird.

I called DLP and they told me that the our bikes (not all of them, but most) have a problem installing both fronts and back lights with LED lights.
I asked him if there was an extra module that I could buy to correct this but no luck, that's just the way it is with our bikes... kinda sucks cause I wanted both to be LED (front & back) I had to order same style of small bullets but with a bulb this time...

I'm going away for the long weekend so I guess I won't get to ride my baby before I leave :-\ But hopefully everything should be in and working when I come back... :D

I'll keep you guys posted.

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I called DLP and they told me that the our bikes (not all of them, but most) have a problem installing both fronts and back lights with LED lights.

"Having him helping is like losing two good men!"
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