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okay guys got a big shock today the dealer ship finally got my fuel gauge going after 2 months or more it seems suzuki when they did the wire connections didnt crimp it fully and the wire broke that was fixed at suzuki cost so then i asked about the missing and pops and thats when i got the shock the mechanic who worked on it said yes he could hear the miss and that it should not be missing when riding along finally they have noticed so i asked if that it would be covered under warranty they rang suzuki australia while i was there and they wont cover the cost even though they said it could be syncronised throttle wrong you know something wrong some where with the bike pricks but the dealership has said that because i have been complaining that it had this miss since the day i brought it they are going to try and help me out and hopefully get it fixed i just hope i dont have to pay anything for something that has been wrong from the factory
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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