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Back on the road

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For some reason I stopped riding back in 2014, I finally pulled out my 2008 LE and got it going and went for a rip. Well, I forgot about the fun torque It has. She is still in remarkable shape from sitting for so long.

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I guess life went on and the Canadian winters suck the life right out of you, it might have been my marriage, Lol. I divorced and met a beautiful young woman in Morocco and I feel like I am in a very good spot now. It is incredible what being married to the wrong person does to you and how everybody expects men "just to accept it if you love her" What a load of BS. I still have the original tires on it. After yesterday's ride, I am sure there were a lot of complaints to the police about a yellow bike, Lol.
I am not going to live my life as everyone expects me to anymore, everyone is going to know I am alive.
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I would like to get the seat recovered to have yellow side panels and the top white with either white or metallic silver beading. I think that would make it pop. Just took it out again lots of people staring at that yellow. Also, I bought the yellow over the orange for the safety of everyone would see me better. Turns out it just stands out like the chick at my gym with humungous boobs wearing a little tube top. It's a sexy bike hands down.
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